Blogging and Vlogging


I am currently filming my first vlog…. yikes.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about vlogs… but I like them. I think it’s really cool to see people that are so comfortable with themselves and their crazy human lives, that they’re willing to share it with the world.

That’s the intention I have with this blog, I want to be real and open with people, because we’re all human. We all have hard times and fun times. I want to show the world someone they can relate to, not some fake persona. I want to be me.

I love people, I love life, and I love God. Looking outside makes me feel loved by the one who created me, who created everything. I find solace and comfort in His arms. Sure, I feel hopeless sometimes, having a chronic illness combined with the stress of everyday life is really hard to accept and deal with. But I keep moving, I keep breathing, I keep smiling, and I never stop laughing.

I want to show people that they are beautiful and they are handsome. I want to help people bring out and embrace their individuality. I want to love people with all my heart.

Today I am finishing the long process of cleaning my room, which is what I’m vlogging about. It’s been a crazy mess for way too long. So… I’m fighting through my dust allergy and kicking butt in my room! I need to get it all sorted out.

A few days ago I sorted most of my clothing into “keep”, “give away”, “throw away”, and “out of season”. Today I’m finishing up my laundry, putting my clothes away, sorting papers, cleaning surfaces, making my bed, vacuuming, and decorating.

Gonna be a lot of work, but I’m on it! Let’s do this!

Well, after a short power nap…  I’m off to work again! Come on Mahalah, you’re burning daylight! You got this!

Unfortunately I was unable to finish cleaning my room today, so tomorrow is going to be the final push to get it done! Here’s the link to today’s vlog… check it out, let me know if you like it.

Have a great night my friends, until tomorrow.


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