Mindful Existence

Do you ever just breathe and appreciate your surroundings?

Do you ever take a moment to just be?

To just exist?

To witness your thoughts and feelings without judgement?
It’s only in these moments where I notice the dancing leaves, the softly flowing waters, the graceful wispy clouds, the gentle breeze, the solidity of the earth beneath my feet, and the breath in my lungs. That I truly begin to acknowledge the awe of our existence and the majesty of our creator.

When I take a moment to be mindful, it calms me down and even helps me overcome my fears.

I have three irrational fears: spiders, barnacles, and needles.

These fears have literally taken me over more times than I can count.

Since I’ve learned about mindfulness, I have been able to be courageous in the presence of my fear. Particularly my fear of needles. I have had to get several blood draws, a couple of IVs, and a tetanus shot in the last few years. With most of them I almost panicked, but at the last minute I focused on mindfulness and relaxed.

I don’t know how I survived anxiety before I learned how to be in the moment.


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