Fear’s Leash

Why do I feel like I’m falling? I have so many beliefs I hold onto for dear life, afraid to let go. My thoughts wander in the wind. One minute I’m flying and the next I’m falling. I’m always hanging on by a thread. Most of the time I feel like I’m crawling in the dirt. Unseen. Unheard. It’s only in the moments I choose to look up, to take God’s hand, and struggle to my feet that I find peace.

Why is trusting God so hard?

What stops me from letting Him take my burden?

Why isn’t faith my instinct?

Life is so confusing. It feels like it’s got me on a leash. Life is good, creation is beautiful, my loved ones are supportive, but then life takes hold of the leash and tugs. I feel myself crumbling. Unsure of my foundation.

Where am I going?

What difference do I hope to make?

Why have I felt so called to leadership?

Why do I care so much?

Why am I so weak…?

These moments are painful, but I know this too shall pass. So I’ll try to look up and let go. Fear tries to strangle me, but I won’t let it.

God made the ultimate sacrifice for me. God gifted me with the heart of a leader. I must trust in Him.

That’s all.


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