Curiosity Killed the Cat

Wow, so many new thoughts! For so long I was convinced that photography would be the end of my long list of potential careers. Then BTC came along, I mingled with instructors, peaked in the door of leadership, and discovered that I’m interested in business. I still am interested in it, but then.. I met someone in Engineering, and he sparked my curiosity.

He showed me 3D designs he was making, talked about using 3D printers, and talked about his career goals in tool design and production for those printers. I couldn’t stop listening and asking questions!! Everything he was saying and showing me was bringing up my long forgotten skills and passions. I love making things, I love taking things apart and putting them back together to figure out how they work. I love drawing, I love designing, I love technology, I love the concept of 3D printing, I love architecture!!

Then I started envisioning myself working for a big corporation, designing artistic models and bringing them to life! Then I thought about architecture, the idea of being an architect was like a dream! Then I thought about Interior Design. There are so many fields I would love! How could I ever settle for one?

Curiosity killed the cat

But satisfaction brought him back

Who knows…


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