Conversing in the Modern Era

Sometimes I think life is just a flicker, passing by in an instant without second thought. It’s easy to take for granted the opportunities and experiences of the amazingly diverse and beautiful universe we live in. There’s so much in the world. I was going to elaborate on that, but I don’t think I need to. There’s just so much.

Living in a society with everything at our fingertips can be a disadvantage or a blessing. We can choose to let technology be our primary focus by diminishing or eliminating face-to-face conversation. Or we can choose to use technology as a tool to better our community, to express our individuality, and to make a difference in the world.

This generation has a unique opportunity to communicate with and impact thousands of people. We can be close friends with someone on the other side of the world without ever meeting them in person! That’s amazing!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I used to be quite opposed to technology and social media as a whole (whilst being a die hard user of it myself), I even wrote an essay about it in English 101. However, recently I have begun to adjust my perspective. Let me explain…

Social media has become a platform for free speech. It has become a place where people say whatever they want however hurtful it may be to the reader. First let me establish this: I am a strong advocate for free speech! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. No one should have the authority to permit or forbid any expression of opinion unless it directly violates another person’s rights under the Constitution. That being said, I am tremendously saddened by the large amount of hateful speech on the internet. I don’t think those who say such things shouldn’t be allowed to, I am simply grieving as I see the concept of courtesy and respectful debate being disregarded by thousands of people under the blanket of social media.

Yet through all of that, the internet has given us a bridge to connect with the world. We can donate to charities, shop, share opinions, debate, make friends, laugh, share stories, share empathy, and there’s an endless array of people to pray for and support.

It’s also a huge resource for education and fact finding. There’s a lot of false information, but if you know how to sift through it there’s a lot of useful and true information!

Military wives and husbands can video chat with their deployed spouses. People with rare conditions can connect with people who understand what they struggle with. Some people even find their future spouses over social media (I personally don’t understand that).

Light and darkness are everywhere. That’s been true since the beginning of time. The addition of technology, internet, and social media haven’t increased or decreased the amount of darkness in the world. There will always be bad and there will always be good.

Technology has provided everyone with a new tool. To be used for good and for bad. I choose to focus on the positive as often as I can. I fail at that more often than not, but I try. The more I focus on the good in the world, the more I enjoy life and am able to inspire, love, and support those around me. Not to mention when I keep a positive perspective, I’m able to thrive through my pain (see Trials and Tribulations).

When I say “focus on the good” and “positive perspective” I don’t mean to imply that I ignore reality or that I’m never sad or mad. I simply mean that I focus on the solution; I focus on the good things without ignoring the bad. I try not to let the bad overwhelm me and throw me into a vortex of anxiety and self doubt.



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